August 4, 2008

Official Gopher 2-Deep (FINALLY)

Practice has begun today and at Brewster's 1 pm news conference the official depth chart was revealed. What is remarkable is that only seven players on the first or second string are seniors. I'll help you out with the math. 7/44 = 15.9% of the relevant roster are seniors meaning 84.1% will be returning next year. I know we thought we were young last year and this year would see some improvement but we are a VERY inexperienced team. 10 are true or redshirted freshmen with more not listed who many think will contribute in 2008 (Tate and Jacobs come to mind)

First of all click HERE for a very quick clip of Brewster's press conference.

Let us remember that there has not been a practice yet so this will surely change over the next 3-4 weeks. There are plenty of young players and newcomers who will likely have a chance to move up the list.

First year players in maroon.

QB Adam Weber
DE Willie VanDeSteeg

Tony Mortenson

Derrick Onwuachi
RB Duane Bennett
DT Eric Small

Jay Thomas

Jewhan Edwards
WR Eric Decker
DT Garrett Brown

Xavier Brandon

Barrett Moen
WR Ralph Spry
DE Cedrick McKinley

Broderick Smith

Lee Campbell
WR Brandon Green
LB Simoni Lawrence

Ben Kuznia

Kevin Manion
TE Jack Simmons
LB Deon Hightower

Nick Tow-Arnett

Rex Sharpe
RT Chris Bunders (rFR)

LB Steve Davis

Ryan Ruckdashel

Nate Triplett
RG Ryan Wynn (rFR)

CB Marcus Sherels

Jason Meinke

Ryan Collado
C Jeff Tow-Arnett
FS Tramaine Brock

Trey Davis (rFR)

Tim Dandridge
LG DJ Burris
SS Kyle Theret

Ned Tevale

Keanon Cooper
LT Dominic Alford
CB Traye Simmons

Ryan Orton (rFR)

Troy Stoudermire


No David Pittman - but my assumption he is #3 at WR, CB, QB, C, LS, LT and DT (maybe I should have listed with / instead of ,)

Redshirted Freshmen missing - Anthony Jacobs and Andre Tate are not on the 2-deep and personally I was hopeful to see their names, time will tell if they contribute much this season.

Offensive Line - most notable was Ned Tevale backing up LG when many thought he'd be starting at RG. Looks like the entire right side of the line is up for grabs but currently has two freshmen starting while the left side and center are locked down.

Defensive Backfield - the big shocker is Marcus Sherels starting at CB over returning starter Ryan Collado. Sherels was hyped coming out of spring ball but I'll still be shocked to see him starting in week 1. Maybe he was made for corner and it just took some time for him to find a home. Of the top eight players in the defensive backfield 3 are new starters and 3 backups are new to the program. Looks like a wholesale effort to get that pass defense turned around.

Defensive Starters - FOUR starters who were not a part of the program in 2007 (five if you count Sherels who moved from WR to CB) and five back ups who are new to Gopher football. The battles will be fun to watch from a distance and be sure to have your roster handy for week 1 vs. Northern Illinois.

That, Gopher faithful, is your 2008 Golden Gopher initial depth chart.


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