July 27, 2007

Gopher FB Previews...

Here are a collection of Gopher Football Previews...

Blog Predictions.

  • PagingJimShikenjanski gives a very good roundup of Gopher FB preveiws from around the world wide web (aka www.)
  • MGO Blog - "Bonus prediction: their recruiting class is no better than a typical Mason effort and Brewster is bounced after four years of Wacker ball."
    • Best Case 6-6
    • Worst Case 0-12
    • Actual prediction 4-8 (1-7 in Big 1o
  • Hawkeye State - actually written by PagingJimShikenjanski. Predicted 3-5 in conference to go 7-5 overall.
  • The Final Score (Big 10 Blogger) - 6 years of predictions and The Final Score has been within 1 game on the Gophers final record.
    • 5-7 (1-7 in Big 10)
  • Black Shoes Diaries - "Here we have a team learning a new system implemented by a coach with no head coaching experience. They are going to a spread offense while breaking in a new quarterback with only two legitimate wide receivers to throw to. Left tackle is a serious concern as is the entire defense."
    • 3-9
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