July 12, 2007

"Brining Gopher Nation back to campus"

Coach Brewster wants to bring Gopher Nation back to campus. When I get to interview him I'll be sure to ask him where we are going first. Pasadena then back to campus or do we have to go to campus and then we can go to Pasadena. I don't really care as long as we get to go to both places.

So yesterday was groundbreaking of the new stadium. Should be very cool and I can't wait.

Pictoral construction timeline
Gophersports.com article on groundbreaking
Star Trib article on groundbreaking


eggman said...

I think the stadium is going to be awesome! We are starting to get a feel for the excitement it is going to create throughout the state of Minnesota. Everyone needs to hop on board the love train that is "Gopher Nation"!

PaulS said...

The U of M is on a roll. Not only did we break ground on a new Gopher Stadium this week, but also the U’s two new coaches are bringing renewed passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to the athletic program. And I think it is time for the media acknowledge the excitement and benefits that the new stadium, coaches and even a new television network will do for Minnesota.

In terms of the Big Ten Network, we still need to do more work on ensuring that everyone in Minnesota has the opportunity to see the Gophers shine on cable. The bottom line is that the U is taking the steps necessary to turn into the powerhouse it is fully capable of becoming.

Tom said...

I agree, Paul. It seems like in the past the U put up it's own hurdles to make success more difficult. Now it seems they are finally going to be able to utilize their strengths and turn around their money sports. The minor sports have been very successful at all levels (hockey-minor by national standards, wrestling, golf, track, baseball)