April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to me (belated)

I can't believe I missed it but Gopher Nation's birthday has come and gone.

On March 22 I put out my first post laying out why 2007 is the year the bandwagon starts taking fans as we get ready for a trip to Pasadena (eventually).

Coincidentally Gopher Nation's birthday is also the anniversary of Tubby Smith's hire. I remember actually typing out my wish list of coaching candidates. I spent probably 2+ hours coming up with names, some realistic some not, but that time spent was wasted when I read that Tubby Smith was hired. If my wish list was going to include names like Tubby Smith I would have also included names like Roy Williams, John Wooden or Phil Jackson. Never in my wildest dreams would I have guessed Tubby could be convinced to leave Kentucky, but he did and we are better for it. A much improved product on the raised floor, increased attendance and an exciting recruiting class on it's way.

I made it over a year and 2008 can only be better for Gopher fans.

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Jason said...

Congrats and here's hoping to many more years.