March 22, 2007

Bring on Tubby!!!

Well, I have spent part of this afternoon typing my list of Gopher Basketball candidates. I can delete that post cause everyone is reporting that Tubby Smith is leaving Kentucky to be the Gophers next head coach! You read that right.

Star Trib

This is a great hire! Maturi has done well. Great hire and I'm excited! Let me take a deep breath...

OK, again this is a great hire and attendance should increase dramatically. Speculation is that while Kentucky didn't fire him, taking this job was a way for Smith to leave UK while saving face. But how he got here isn't important. The glass half full guys (like myself) will say that Tubby wanted to coach at a big time program but also be at a place where he is appreciated. Minnesota is that place. He can win 22 games, get an 8 seed, lose to the #1 seed in the 2nd round and people here will throw him a parade. Maybe we have too low of expectations but this is a program that has suffered for a decade and needs someone to energize it.

Tubby might change his mind after a couple weeks of practice this fall, but we all know he'll be given ample time to turn things around.

Gopher Fans can now be energized to continue the expansion and membership application to Gopher Nation!

More info and analysis will follow in the coming days. Also today has been a whirlwind of coaching moves accross the country.

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