March 30, 2007

Recruiting News

Basketball Recruiting - There isn't much out there for Tubby to make an impact for 2007-08. We really should be looking at 08-09 as the recruiting class with Tubby's mark. With that said here are a few bits of news regarding scholarships and recruiting for this coming season. Remember that April 11th is the spring signing date so Tubby has just under 2 weeks to find someone worthy of a scholarship.

  • Jai Lucas - "It's cold there (in Minnesota) but might be something I think about," Lucas told the Courier-Journal on Sunday. "I like coach Smith a lot." Getting MN on his list is the first step, how great would it be to land a McDonald's All-American just weeks after landing Tubby? My hopes aren't too high, but at least we are in the conversation.
  • Limar Wilson - Star Tribune says that he wants to come back. Tubby is considering it, but I would assume that if he can give that scholarship to a good recruit then Limar won't be wearing maroon and gold next year. If you can't give it to someone else, Limar is a Sr. so it wouldn't hurt anything to give him the scholarship next year. Ultimately I'd rather see his minutes go to incoming freshman Al Nolen, or the soon to be sophs Payton or Westbrook at PG. Or if McKenzie can learn to be a PG let him get those minutes and start Hoffarber at SG. I would be shocked to see Limar back here next year, too many scenarios that benefit the team more without him on the roster.
  • Royce White - DeLaSalle - Class of 09. This is a bit early but lists him as a big time recruit and probably a kid Tubby should start targeting NOW. 21.8 ppg as a soph for the 6'7" forward. Remember that name and lets start the recruiting watch for White.
Football Recruiting - This is heating up and it is fun to see Minnesota on the lists for some talented kids. Here is what I have been able to find...
  • Tim Brewster - to start with I want to give credit to Coach Brewster for getting out there into the homes of talented kids all over the place. We are in the mix and cross your fingers, we'll land some of them. ESPN Recruiting Insider has this to say about Brewster,
"He has already caught my attention as I notice Minnesota's name popping up all over the place. They are in on and battling for kids nationwide from Florida to Philadelphia to California. I don't think they will leave many stones unturned. All in all though, I think you will see the Gophers improve in recruiting. Do I think he can turn them into a top-ten class this year? No, but I do think he will get the 2008 class to a point where it is in serious consideration for the top 25 recruiting classes."
  • Nolan Brewster - a top notch safety and son of coach Tim, verbally committed to Texas. That is a big loss, but I also think that there is ample time for Nolan to change his mind. Wait until he comes up for a handful of Gopher games, talks with incoming Gopher recruits, hangs out with his brother and eventually he'll want to be a part of what's going on here.
  • Brendan Kelly - DE, Holy Angels - I don't know how highly rated Kelly will be but it sounds like he was one of the top MN prospects and Brewster kept him home.
  • Leonard Hubbard - ILB, Illinois - visiting this weekend and thinks he could committ before he leaves. Also, not yet rated but appears he would be a solid addition to the defense.
  • Keanon Cooper - OLB, Texas - says MN is top of his list, ESPN shows MN lower, but both say he is a tremendous athlete and would be an instant upgrade on the D.
  • Mike Floyd - WR, Cretin Derham Hall - #1 priority for Brewster, keep the best athlete in MN instate! We are battling with Ohio State and the best CDH theif Notre Dame. This would send a message if Brewster can keep Floyd from juggernauts like that. MN is currently at the top of Floyd's list but it is a long time before Signing Day in Feb.
That's all I can gather for now. Jai Lucas is the most pressing news to keep an eye on at this point. The Football team is bringing in kids left and right to be around for Spring Practice but as mentioned Signing Day is a LONG way off. Brewster seems to be backing up his reputation as a relentless recruiter but the proof will be in the signings!

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