March 22, 2007

More Tubby

Here is a good article on ESPN giving more detail to the situation.

My head is kind of spinning and I have many thoughts and questions...

1. This moves Michigan down the list of best openings available and maybe they lose out on a good coach or two who want to wait for resolution on the UK job. What is bad for Michigan is good for Minnesota.
2. Tom Izzo and Tom Crean are possible candidates for the UK job. Get Izzo out of the conference and get Crean's recruiting out of Minnesota. What is bad for MSU and Marquette is good for Minnesota.
3. If Crean leaves will Mbakwe change his mind and come to play for Tubby?
4. With a coach of Tubby's status coming to the U is there any chance that Cole Aldrich's mind can be changed? I know he has already signed a letter of intent but those are not 100% binding (remember Kris Humphries).
5. Tubby will now have 1 scholarship to work with for next year. I would love to have one the kids still undecided but considering UK follow Tubby to the Barn!

Players undeclared yet considering Kentucky

  • PF - Patrick Patterson - ESPN ranked #9 (#2 PF)
  • PG - Jai Lucas - ESPN ranked #20 (#3 PG)
  • C - Teeng Akol - not in rankings
You can bet that they will at least get a phone call from Tubby. It should go something like this...

Recruit - "You're going where? It's cold up there."
Tubby - "It is a very good school with a history of very good basketball. Ever heard of Kevin McHale?"
Recruit - "Oh yeah, he is the best GM in all of sports according to Forbes magazine which I read on a regular basis."
Tubby - "Well his GM skills are questionable but he is arguably the best PF in the history of the NBA."
Recruit - "and?"
Tubby - "Nevermind, did I mention you'll start right away and be the best player on my team for the next 4 years?"
Recruit - "Where do I sign?"

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