May 3, 2007

File this under WTF (and that doesn't stand for Women's Track n Field)!!!

OK, so it isn't really all that big of a deal but read this headline and remember your reaction...

Two Gophers opt for NBA draft

The 2 gophers being refered to here are juniors Spencer Tollackson and Dan Coleman. Both names appeared on the final list of 58 college underclassmen declaring themselves eligible for the NBA draft.

BUT, they will almost certainly withdraw their names by the June 18th deadline.

Appearantly this was encouraged (or had been in the past while at UK) by coach Tubby Smith as an opportunity to get their names out there and maybe some feedback from NBA executives/coaches.

So no harm, no foul; but I about fell off my chair when I saw the headline. HERE is the StarTrib article.

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