May 14, 2007

Gopher Baseball

This was a weekend of good news / bad news for gopher baseball.

Good new was that Michigan lost 3 of 4 to Penn State, the bad news was that we managed a 2-2 split with Ohio State. (TNABACG reactions to the game)
Good news is that we are only 1.5 out of first place, bad news is that there are only 4 games remaining and making up 2 games will be tough to do.
Good news is that we play Indiana (6-21), bad news is that we are on the road.

Here is the skinny....

6 teams make the Big Ten Tournament (check)
2 teams get a 1st round bye (currently in 2nd and up 1.5 gms over Penn State)
Big Ten Regular season champ is the host school (down 1.5 to Michigan)

  • Michigan travels to 4th place Iowa - a split is possible
  • Minnesota travels to 9th place Indiana - a sweep is a MUST if you want a shot at the title and a split is needed to maintian the bye.
Things are rather tight but MN is sitting in a nice position to make a tournament run even if it is in Ann Arbor.

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