May 31, 2007

Links accross Gopher Nation (and beyond)

Big Ten Coaches, South Park style - Anything Hoosier is to thank for this hilarious link. Tressell is pretty funny.

Goldy in Playboy - Now we know what that big toothy grin is for. PB: What do you do to them (other mascots)? Goldy: I lay down the law. I just took care of Bucky -- put him right through a card table.

NACDA Director's Cup has the Gophers sitting 14th overall, standings are yet to include Men's Golf and baseball, both of which should improve our standing.

Michigan State's new unis - what not green pants with green tops? Photo is courtesy of the Spartan Tailgate

Buckeye Banter's caption THIS - I think the pic must be from 2005 and these guys just finished watching Gary Russel run the Gophers into FG range.

How to be a Notre Dame fan from the 50-Yard Lion (by way of - In the spirit of full disclosure I should note that I am a closet ND fan. My path is not on the chart, but my recent interest in the Fighting Irish is due to amazing experiences in South Bend (Michigan-04, USC-05, UCLA-06).

Stocco is waiting for that Packer phone call - courtesy of Bucky's Blog

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