June 26, 2008

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I want to know how this breaks down in Gopher Nation...

Where do you stand on the current football coaching staff.

1 - Tim Brewster is the guy and will lead us to a championship level. If you land in this group you believe in the Ron Zook blueprint. Recruit, Recruit, Recruit, then the wins will come. It may take a few years and along the way the first couple seasons may be absolutely brutal but once the talent level is raised and those kids get some experience they will start winning games. As many may recall it wasn't very long ago that Zook was labeled as a great recruiter but a terrible game coach. Those labels are gone for now and soon the Brewster naysayers will have little to say as well.

2 - I miss Glen Mason. At least Mason never gave us a 1-11 season. While we knew a shot at the Rose Bowl was going to take some luck and even those shots would be few and far between. But Coach Mason was right, things were really bad before he got here, he brought us to a new level and under Brewster you are head right back to the bottom 2 or 3 of the conference on an annual basis. We had established one of the best running games in the country and fielded a team that was bearable to watch.

3 - I'm still on the fence. I think it was time for Mason to go but I'm not yet sold on Brewster. But if he can keep recruiting like this I'm willing to take a couple seasons like 2007 with the shot at greatness. I am not willing to call this hire a failure, but so far I'm not impressed.

I encourage you to vote with some passion, in the end I just want to know what % of Gopher fans are actually going to be patient, who misses Mr. Mason and who has bought the snake oil.


Jon Marthaler said...

I voted with SERIOUS passion.

And I'm in the camp that says we had to fire Mason regardless, and let's see how Brewster works out before we judge him as a failure.

empmngopher said...

I'll straddle the fence yet at this point.

In hindsight Mason needed to go not so much for the epic fashion in which his team lost games but 1)for blase' attitude for which he seemed to adopt after said losses and 2) he and his staffs purported laziness the the recruting arena.

Brewster needs time to mature as a coach. Yes, he and his staff can be chastised for the defense he placed on the field last year. The scheme did not fit the abilities of its players but yet that continued the aggressive style too long into the season.

Mason had a similar faux pas in his first season also - Cory Sauter running the option in Mason's first game at Hawaii. WTF?

Brewster is a fresh of breath air in the recruiting department but I just hope it was done with integrity, honesty and within the rules of the NCAA. I have no evidence to suggest otherwise but....

Brewster I hope will improve "tremendously" in all facets of being a Big 10 head coach from year 1 to year 2. He just needs to tone down the expectations of some of his recruits in such a public fashion (see the Harold Howell experiment gone awry).

One cannot help but be excited with some the prospects he has brought in and with the addition of the a new stadium at least the immediate future looks promsing.

GopherNation said...

very well said, emp. I'm glad that you straddled the fence with tremendous passion.