June 17, 2008

What was your favorite Clint Brewster moment?

As has been rumored for several days, Clint Brewster (son of head coach Tim Brewster in case you lived under a rock), is going to transfer out of Minnesota. After watching Adam Weber set school records as a redshirted freshman, JUCO All-American David Pittman coming in and highly rated incoming freshman MarQueis Gray on his way to Minnesota, Clint wanted a better opportunity to get some playing time.

Personally I think this is a non-story although it does create a doomsday "Cubs Syndrome" where as soon as a player leaves he tuns into a stud and egg is on our collective faces.

I did like the depth that Clint would have provided to our QB situation as he could have been the clear cut #2 for the next 4 years with the ability to perform well should the QB1 go down for any reason. But that is pure speculation and you can't blame a kid for wanting to compete at a level higher than running the scout team vs. the starting defense (and I use the term 'defense' loosely!).

Where do people think the young Brewster will end up?

Colorado? - seems like a logical fit. Sophomore Cody Hawkins is the returning starter but after Clint sits out a year he would then be in position to be a 3-year starter for the Buffs.

Illinois? - I highly doubt it. The tranfer year would be another season to distance himself from Juice Williams but I don't see him transfering within the Big Ten.

Baylor? - transfer Kirby Freeman will be the QB this upcoming season but then after sitting Brewster would have a shot at being the man for the next four seasons. A Big 12 school in Texas, but Clint would have to compete with 4-star recruit Robert Griffin.

BYU? - I don't think he's mormon.
Air Force? - they run the spread but might not be what he is looking for
Utah? - spread offense, might be a very good fit

Those are my total shots in the dark. If I had to give the official Gopher Nation prediction, I'd say...

1. Colorado
2. Utah
3. Baylor
4. anywhere but Wisconsin

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