December 5, 2007

Blog Poll Week - Final Regular Season

So Brian at MGO is having some blog poll issues lately. I think I successfully submitted my blog poll but it didn't give me the handy dandy table to paste here. So I'll manually give you my top 10 just so you have it...

1. Ohio State - This is pretty much not controversial. The interesting thing to note is that they lost their game LATE in the season. Conventional wisdom suggests that you want to lose early but both OSU and LSU lost their last regular season game and are still in the BCS Championship game.

2. Georgia - I looked at the common opponents with LSU and gave advantages to either school when comparing their common opponents. For instance the both played South Carolina, Georgia lost and LSU won. LSU-1, UGA-0. They had 7 common opponents and I gave Georgia 4 (FL, Kent, OleMiss and Aub). Tiger fans can point to the Tennessee matchup which LSU won and Georgia lost, but Georgia convincingly beat OleMiss and Auburn while LSU's games were much closer. Anyway, I give Georgia the BCS game.

3. Virginia Tech - I know, I know that they LSU beat them. But that was week 2. I think that LSU was playing their best football in September and VTech got better. And the game was on the road for the Hokies. Neutral field today and they don't lose by 41. Among the 2 loss teams the Hokies are the only ones to have lost to ranked teams both times, both teams were #2 at the time and also the only team where both losses were to teams still ranked to end the season.

4. LSU - I don't want to hear that their only losses were OT losses, cause they were fortunate to win the Florida, Auburn and Alabama games. Hats off to the Tigers for pulling those games out but when you are on the razor thin edge of losing 5 times (going 3-2), you don't get "credit" for losing in OT.

5. Oklahoma - of the teams with 2 losses they are the only team to have lost both of their games on the road. Both were to unranked teams but losing @ Colorado or @ Tex Tech isn't as bad as losing a home game to Stanford is it?

6. USC - Losing at Oregon when Dixon was still QB isn't so bad. But losing the home game to Stanford truly cost them the BCS Title game (DUH, I know). If their 2nd loss was to any other team on their schedule they might still be playing in Arizona instead of Pasadena.

7. Florida
8. Missouri
9. Kansas
10. West Virginia

That's that.

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niceandtidy said...

V tech isn't the only two loss team that lost both of their games to ranked opponents. Mizzou also lost both of their games to a ranked opponent (Oklahoma). just wanted to point that out.