December 1, 2007

I Love the BCS

and by love I think that it is an absolute joke and sucks beyond anything college football people can come up with.

I've mentioned before that each and every year I want the worst possible scenario to happen for the BCS. I want the computers to put in a non-BCS school in the top 2 spots or I want a matchup of teams that nobody wants to watch. Unfortunately that will never happen as the system will always be manipulated by the human voters to get the matchup that everyone wants to see.

This year has turned out to be a great scenario for BCS haters. In the last weekend of games you have the top 2 teams both losing. So the next in line is Ohio State, who is probably overrated and from a Big Ten that most consider "down." They are IN.

Next in line you have a team that wasn't even in their conference championship game. So 1 week ago they were "ranked" higher than LSU which by my definition means the voters assumed they were better and all things being equal would probably beat the Tigers. Does that mean Georgia will get a BCS Championship game opportunity? I doubt it (but we'll know in hours).

After Georgie you have #5 Kansas. The Jayhawks are the only other team with only 1 loss. But again they did not even play in their conference championship game. Do they get to move up and play Ohio State in the championship game? Don't bet on it.

Then we have #6 Virginia Tech. The Hokies played today and beat #11 ranked Boston College. Surely if anybody is going to leapfrog Georgia or Kansas it would be the Hokies right? Wrong, they lost in a head to head game at LSU.

#7 is LSU. This will be your OSU opponent in Arizona this January. Why? Because that is the match up people want to see. Are they more deserving than the now 2 loss teams that were just ranked #1 and #2 (Missouri, West Virginia)? Are they any more deserving than USC, Oklahoma, Georgia or Virginia Tech (all 2 loss teams, three of which won today)? No, but that is the sexy matchup and I am certain that when the new BCS standings are released tomorrow they will move from #7 to #2.

This is good for all BCS haters. In the past there is often 1 maybe 2 teams who feel they were denied their rightful spot in the championship game. This year I count no less than 5 teams from 4 conferences who have a legit argument to be the team that beats plays Ohio State.

How much fun would a playoff be this year with USC, LSU, VTech, OSU, OK, Pitt, and a couple at large teams like Georgia and Kansas. Really a semi-final round of USC, LSU, OSU and OK would be amazing this year. But instead you can watch those teams in meaningless random bowl games then watch two teams that were "given" a chance at the national championship (not recognized as an official NCAA Championship).

UPDATE: Add Hawaii to the list of teams who think they should be in the national championship game. The only D1 school who has not lost and they won't get a sniff of a championship trophy. Maybe they should and maybe they shouldn't but they did everything they could and people will them that they'll never get a chance to prove it. Why not let them decide these things on the field?

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From The Barn said...

Pitt isn't even bowl eligible.