December 6, 2007

College Football NIT has put out their 16 team "Ultimate Playoff" for college football. While most of the country dreams of a playoff system that would actually allow us to crown a true champ, I want to propose something that will benefit those of us not bowl eligible. Just like Festivus is like Christmas for the rest of us, I give to you...

NIT of College Football! - welcome to this 8 team tourney to determine who is the best of the best worst. This will take on the BCS format of taking 1 worthy team from the 6 BCS conferences then we will give 2 lucky at large teams an opportunity to enter this prestigious tournament.

Seeding of Participants...

(8) - Nebraska
How they got in - Big 12 Automatic Qualifier

How does Nebraska get in ahead of Baylor you ask? Well it takes a little more than just finish last to make this tourney. Baylor is always bad and probably always will be. Nebraska didn't just suck this year they made history along the way. They were killed by USC at home (with 2 late meaningless TDs), gave up 65 to Colorado and gave up 76 points on their way to getting humiliated by Kansas. This was a colossal failure in what was potentially a breakthrough year for Nebraska (ranked #14 at one point).
NOTE: in order to maintain their status in the NIT, Bill Callahan has been asked to coach the Huskers through the tourney.

(7) - Washington
How they got in - Pac 10 Automatic Qualifier

This was a tough one. Washington was the worst in the conference, but they beat Stanford who beat USC so really Washington had a chance to win the Pac10 (and only lost to USC by 3). For my money this is the most overrated conference ever. I'm not sure anybody deserves to be here since every team is capable of playing in the BCS. But rules are rules and we need a P10 rep, so Washington it is.

(6) - Miami (FL)
How they got in - ACC Automatic Qualifier

Again, I know that Duke is really (REALLY) bad, but Miami has a proud history of being good. So a 2-6 conference record is really something to admire. The rest of college football really feels bad for Thug U. Amazingly, Miami actually pulled off a major upset AT Florida State. How that happened I don't know but this team is primed and ready to show the FB NIT that their 1-6 recent record is not fluke.

(5) - Minnesota
How they got in - Big Ten Automatic Qualifier

The gophers are one of the hottest teams in the FB-NIT as they are riding a 10 game losing streak. I didn't do any research but I bet that is the longest in the country. Near misses against Iowa, Northwestern and North Dakota State were avoided and the golden gophers come into this tourney as a favorite to upset and win it all.

(4) - Idaho
How they got in - At Large

I guess a WAC team in the championship series is the sheik chic thing to do. Idaho won't disappoint as they are nearly the consensus worst team in college football. Boise State made the BCS last year and went on to shock Oklahoma. With that in mind I can't imagine the rest of the FB-NIT will sleep on the Vandals. Upon further research they are actually tied with Minnesota for the longest losing streak in the country.

(3) - Syarcuse
How they got in - Big East Automatic Qualifier

The Orangemen nearly cost themselves a spot in this prestigious tourney by upsetting Louisville on the road. But the selection committee overlooked that snafu and chose to point out that they also had a solid 35-0 loss to Iowa and a 42-12 loss to Washington on their NIT resume. To be the worst in your conference and lose to two of the worst from the Big Ten and Pac10 respectively isn't easy.

(2) - Notre Dame
How they got in - At Large big

Notre Dame didn't earn this by being a bubble team, they gave us a season for the ages. The only blemish on their FB-NIT resume was a win at UCLA. Where that came from I don't know, but they made up for that mistake by giving Michigan a 38-0 win when they needed it most and most importantly by losing to Navy for the first time since the Lincoln administration (I think). #2 seed only because they beat UCLA.

(1) - Mississippi
How they got in - SEC Automatic Qualifier

I thought the SEC was so good that all 12 teams actually deserved a spot in the BCS. I guess Mississippi didn't get that memo and they graciously gave all other teams a W. They did beat Memphis so that at least makes the rebels a top 4 team in Conference USA. Out of respect for the SEC I at least awarded the rebels the #1 seed.

Teams on the Bubble...

Vanderbilt - SEC fans might go crazy since we didn't include 2 from the SEC.
Northwestern - losing to Duke is tough to ignore on the resume but .500 record and beating Minnesota ultimately kept them out.
Pittsburgh - set to be the Big East rep until they dropped one to West Virginia in last game of the year.
Florida International - I guess they had too much "Florida Speed" for this tourney.

So the teams and bracket are set. Be sure to pay attention as the matchups will soon be analyzed the results will be shared.

1 vs. 8
2 vs. 7
3 vs 6
4 vs 5

Good luck to these fine football programs and congratulations on their fine seasons thus far.


Brock Samson said...

My favorite pro wrestler was the Iron Chic.

Vince said...

you sure North Texas doesn't belong in this tourney?

Curtis said...

Having a Minnesota fan call Baylor a "bad team" is like being called ugly by an ape.

Tom said...

curtis - that was harsh. 2007 I can't argue, but when was the last time Baylor was in a bowl?

Minnesota has been very average in recent years but 7 bowl games in the last 8 years isn't "bad."

And most important to remember Baylor backed out of playing Minnesota in 2006. Why? Never truly stated but I guess losing to Army was less embarrassing than losing to Minnesota.

Lou Pickney said...

8 Nebraska over 1 Ole Miss
-However, after the game Ole Miss would "get its heat back" when Coach O headbutts Bill Calahan.

7 Washington over 2 Notre Dame
-Nice revenge game for Coach Willingham.

6 Miami over 3 Syracuse
-Calais Campbell and Kenny Phillips would mess up the Orange.

4 Idaho over 5 Minnesota
-Minnesota's one win (at home over Miami University) was in OVERTIME. Idaho scores at the last second in this one and pulls a Boise State, going for two for the win.

Anonymous said...

I am insulted by your decision to leave out South Carolina.

The NIT is for the medicore, and the Gamecocks were exceptionally mediocre this season. Further, as shown by our basketball program, we are known for being an NIT team and I think this would easily translate to football.

Tom said...

maybe you should have thought about that before beating Georgia and Kentucky.

Mike Duquaine said...

I don't understand the list. Are you picking the best teams that didn't make a bowl or the worst teams in college football? I did find the post amusing. For what it's worth, I have Miami (FL) coming out of your little bracket as champ.

Corn Nation said...

oh. hell. just let Ole Miss beat Nebraska and get it over with. Especially since Bill Callahan has to coach the game.

Seriously, both teams would be dysfunctional. maybe the refs would call it, flip a coin to determine the winner and go get drunk.

Tom said...

Mike, I realize that the selection criteria is a bit ambiguous. For the most part it is the worst of the major conferences and a couple at large teams. But I didn't feel right about Duke or Baylor, they are always bad. Nebraska and Miami deserve this much more.

Who can argue that Notre Dame shouldn't be here and then there wasn't a compelling team for the 2nd spot and the WAC is the sheik at large team lately so Idaho it was.

GoDores said...

Vandy hasn't made a bowl game since 1982 and now can't even make the College Football NIT....Man it sucks to be a Vandy fan

MichiganManInColo said...

What? No Colorado State? Man, the Mountain West gets no respect at all!

Rants and Raves Radio said...

How the hell do you leave out Maimi University who came a game away from winning their conference and getting a bowl birth (the only reason theyre sub .500 is because of the MAC Championship) but have in Syracuse, who we beat, Idaho, who won less games, and Minnesota, who only won 1 fucking game this year. You guys are idiots.

Rants and Raves Radio said...


Tom said...

sorry rants, I didn't know this meant so much to you. But the point isn't getting the 8 best teams who didn't make a bowl into the tourney. Winning games doesn't help you in any way. Being close to .500 is generally not good for your FB-NIT resume.

Anonymous said...

I like the list. I should call this NIT the Revenge of the Orgeron. Just so you know it's chic, not sheik. Sheik has to do with Islam, or is a "sexually alluring man." Idaho may indeed be sexually alluring to you but in this context you probabl' want the other definition.

Lloyd Carr = good riddance said...

Firing Glen Mason was the dumbest move Minnesota has done in my lifetime (24 yrs). He colossally messed up against Texas Tech, but Mason was excellent compared to what you have now. I send my best to Gopher Nation.

UM Fan

Anonymous said...

Pac 10 as the most overrated, huh? As a graduate of both USC and Minnesota, let me say that the Big 10 wears the undisputed crown this year.

Tom said...

how do you figure the Big Ten is "overrated" this year. It is down and not very good but nobody is saying the Big Ten is even a top 3 conference. Overrated it is not.

RabbleRebel said...

Coach O(fer) would have said: grldoyl fslwoid flfisfy wpuisdpy dkfjsfee, FOOTBALL !!!