December 12, 2007

South Dakota State @ Minnesota - Preview

I don't want to get into this one too much. The gopher have been playing very well against weak competition. Tonight's opponent might be the weakest we've seen to date.

What to Expect

  • Lots of points
  • Dominance of nearly every statistical category
  • Plenty of minutes for Travis Busch
  • Maybe (just maybe) Ryan Saunders in a uniform, not a suit.
Enjoy watching tonight on the Big Ten Network

Gophers +27

I meant Gophers in a close one.



Jon Marthaler said...


There. I called "no jinx." Now nothing can possibley go wrong!

Wait a second...

Tom said...

well if they lose this one then we can move on to NIT speculation and not have any angst over seeing our bubble burst in March. said...

A uniform and not a suit? Whatever will I write about?

Tom said...

ya, I was thinking of you when I wrote about Mr. Saunders Jr. said...

Both in suits, and both still hurt. I don't think we will see either for a while.