March 13, 2008

Big Ten Power Poll - FINAL

Final poll here, Congrats to the Badgers for sweeping the Big Ten regular season title as well as the BTBBBPP, a truly great season unexpected by everyone (except me :) ).

Best team of Bloggers - Iowa - Black Heart Gold Pants was not only the most consistent entry into the power poll, but collectively they were the most entertaining. Northwestern's Lake the Posts was the leading candidate for this award, but since he missed 3 or 4 weeks worth of polls I just couldn't in good conscience give it to him even though he was a participant when his team was the worst BCS team in the world.

Wost team of Bloggers - Ohio State - very lackadaisical in their participation. I guess when their team isn't on pace to finish as national runner-up they lose all interest. Hats off to Eleven Warriors for giving us an Ohio State entry in the last week.

Without further adieu here is the final poll as we head into the Big Ten Tournament this afternoon. And yes, that is one vote for Iowa as #1.

Avg Pts Tot Pnts
1. Wisconsin (8)
10.67 128
2. Purdue (3)
10.08 121
3. Michigan State 8.58 103
4. Indiana 8.33 100
5. Ohio State 6.92 83
6. Minnesota 5.58 67
7. Penn State 4.75 57
8. Iowa (1)
4.42 53
9'. Illinois 3.25 39
10. Michigan 2.33 28
11. Northwestern 1.08 13

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Anonymous said...

About time you give Wisco some respect!!

Chris said...

No offense, but I think the real reason buckeye bloggers weren't that passionate is that ranking the conference teams weekly is a futile exercise. Rankings and losses don't have the same meaning in hoops as they do in football so it just got kinda redundant. Again, not trying to be a d!ck, just offering an opinion. I'm not even sure that a weekly conference power poll in football would be all that interesting. Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way. Regardless, I appreciate you taking the lead on running the poll each week. I just hope the conference teams that make the Dance perform well this year. The conference could use some positive national press - hopefully Wisky, Purdue, Indiana and Sparty can do some damage.

Matt Barker said...

Next season count me in!