March 4, 2008

Big Ten Power Poll - Week 9

Purdue and Wisconsin distanced themselves from the Spartans and Hoosiers. Michigan State's statement win along with a couple nail biters over has dropped Indiana two spots. The Sampson hangover is in effect and we can all hope it lasts through Wednesday!

My Kinda Guy Award - Off the Tracks recognizes that there are not a lot deserving bubble teams around the country and lays out the necessary scenario for the Gophers to get into the Tourney.

Comparing the Comparison Posts - the BTBBBPP has consistently been a poll of comparisons. 80s bands, presidential candidates, He-Man characters, constitutional amendments etc. Black Heart Gold Pants was kind of the leader in this genre and has done a little look back on some of the better Power Poll Posts.

Here is the poll...

Avg Pts Tot Pnts
1. Purdue (8)
10.60 106
2. Wisconsin (2)
10.20 102
3. Michigan State 8.90 89
4. Indiana 8.30 83
5. Minnesota 6.90 69
6. Ohio State 6.10 61
7. Penn State 4.80 48
8. Iowa 3.50 35
9'. Illinois 3.30 33
10. Michigan 2.20 22
11. Northwestern 1.20 12

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1 comment:

T-Mill said...

Thanks for the link, but I should have noted that winning both games likely means a five seed and rematch with Michigan State.

You did play them awfully tough both times this year.