March 17, 2008

Nobody reads blogs during March Madness do they? HOFFARBER

Sorry for lack of posting. Surprisingly I have had very little time to blog but I'll do my best to get some post season tournament previews out there.

Congratulations to the Gophers (women) for making the NCAA Tournament!

While the NCAA's for the men would have been a blast, congratulations are in order for making the NIT and even getting to host an ACC team (that beat UNC none the less).

Without winning the Big Ten Tourny, it was still a blast to watch because of this, which I just cannot get enough of...

unfortunately you have to watch the Delaney inspired, mafia directed, three blind refs executed rash of fouls in the memory of Sampson; against Minnesota. But it gets better when they give the MN radio guys audio of The Hoff's shot.

Bring on the Turtle.

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