March 14, 2008

Did anybody catch the end of the Gopher / Hoosier game?

Thank you Mr. Hoffarber!

After IU was handed 5 free throws in 2.5 seconds and after the game appeared over I sulked to my computer to complain to friends on IM and preparing an NIT post. Instead I leaped out of my chair, kicked the card table, spun around and somehow ended up in my kitchen.


In what will likely be the most satisfying outcome of this will be that we no longer have to watch highlights of Hoffarber's ESPY shot (which we got to see every single game this year).


On a sadder note, Gopher hockey lost to MN State-Mankato in double OT on a short handed goal.


Jason said...

Yes, it was sick. Congrats on the win. That was awesome.

T-Mill said...

Thank you. You shorterned the IU bragging time for Illinois beating us to just 2.5 hours. A tip of the cap to you, Gophers...