June 16, 2007

Big Day for Gopher Football recruiting...

Today was a one-day camp hosted by the U that was primarily meant for some of our top prospects to come to campus to work with the coaches, compete and see the campus. There were many big names from the recruit list and it seems they all had great things to say about Coach Brewster, his staff and Minnesota. All of my info comes from GopherIllustrated.com. This requires a membership so I don't want to be the one who is giving all of their info away for free but here are a few highlights.

Some of the players attending...

WRs Mike Floyd(Cretin DH) and Brandon Green(Chicago, IL) - both are highly sought after by this coaching staff and both seemed to have positive experiences as well as dominating performances.

QBs Matt Scott(Corona, CA) and Darron Thomas(Aldine, TX) are both very talented. Scott's father had a LOT of very good things to say about Coach Brewster.

add CB Craig Loston(Aldine, TX) to your watch list as he had a good camp day and the coaching staff is hoping he'll rethink his soft verbal to Tex A&M. In fact here is his top 5...Tex A&M, Florida, Miami and Oklahoma - the fact that Coach Brewster and staff are getting Minnesota listed with those schools (and Loston isn't the only one) is amazing.

LB Sam Maresh(Champlin Park) is already committed for 2008 but was at the camp to get better.

There is a lot of very good info on Gopher Illustrated and quotes from players, coaches and parents. I encourage you to subscribe, but I don't feel right re-posting after someone else did all the work.

Ultimately this was a big day for the football program and we can all HOPE that a couple of these kids will give a verbal commitment before they get on a plane back home. Before Brewster and crew can realistically think about a Rose Bowl they have to upgrade the talent and hopefully this will be a small step in the right direction.

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