June 28, 2007

Big Ten Nation

IlliniTalk - Not sure how I missed this or even when it happened but Michael Jordan's son is going to play basketball at Illinois. Maybe this old news but here are quotes from MJ on his son.

The Hoosier Report - reports that the Sporting News is reporting a new Big Ten recruiting rule. I haven't seen this anywhere else but it is interesting. Big Ten schools are not allowed to recruit players who have verbally committed to other Big Ten Schools. Tough to enforce and if put into effect it will probably be ignored by everyone.

Hawkeye State - the realignment of conferences is sweet and I'm not sure which Hawkeye fan group is more crazy the "win or lose we still booze" group or the "potential national champions" group.

SpartanTailgate - it is official that Draymond Green is not going to be a Gopher. The former Tubby fan is going to be a Spartan.

The M Zone - reports that ESPN Gameday will open the season at Virginia Tech. I think that is a good move.

Buckeye Banter - get to know your OSU QBs.

Zombie Nation - Will Derreck Williams ever live up to the hype?

Wisconsin Badger Sports - answers the same set of questions as Hawkeye State does. "Boozin' Buddhas" is probably fairly accurate. He fails to mention how the stadium is 1/2 empty in the 3rd qtr cause the fans can't wait 2 more qtrs to start drinking again.

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