June 22, 2007

Recruiting UPDATE

Well within 24 hours of my recruit list 2 have committed to other schools..

Matt Scott (California) - 3-star, dual threat QB who attended last weekends camp on campus. Signs pointed to Scott making a quick decision and quotes from he and his dad indicated that MN was at the top. Matt Scott... Arizona.

Joe Schafer (St. Paul) - 3-star OT had offers from Wis, NW, Stan, Mizz and Ill. Schafer is the first hometown kid that we failed to land. Joe Schafer... Wisconsin (I think I just threw up a little in the back of my throat!) Ultimately lets hope this doesn't affect Mike Floyd's college decision. Although if he does decide to leave MN I expect it to be for Ohio State, Notre Dame or Florida (not Wisconsin).

So my list is down to a dozen and with Scott committing to AZ that may not help anything in the recruitment of Bass (RB on Scott's high school team). But it is a LONG time till signing day in February and a lot is yet to happen.


cyclonejohn said...

Draymond Green has narrowed his list to three and Minnesota isn't one of them. The Michigan State message boards are convinced he will be heading to East Lansing next year.

Tom said...

ya, I think the Green boat sailed several weeks ago. the 2009 class is the one to target as the class to turnaround the Gophers. The 2008 class needs to be good players who can be leaders in the transition, not necessarily guys to carry the load.