July 24, 2008

Big Ten Alumni (non-athletics)

I really don't have an original thought in my head so I am stealing this from Brent's Big Blog's Blog over at the BTN. Brent came up with a handful of notable alumni from Big Ten Schools who are not athletes. I did minimal research and came up with a few different ones, but stole most of them from BBBB.

So lets play a little matching game.

A Ilinois
1. Lucy Liu
B Indiana
2. Charlton Heston
C Iowa
3. Orville Redenbacher
D Michigan
4. Dwight Yoalkam - country music
E Michigan State
5. Yanni - pianst/composer
F Minnesota
6. Mark Cuban
G Northwestern
7. Hugh Hefner
H Ohio State
8. Dick Cheney
I Penn State
9. James Hoffa - son of Jimmy
J Purdue
10. Tom Browkaw
K Wisconsin
11. Toby Flenderman - fictional character on The Office, didn't actually attend school

Answers to be posted in the comments. Pretty exciting game, huh?

1 comment:

GopherNation said...

A-7 (Ill - Hugh Hefner)
B-6 (Ind - Mark Cuban)
C-10 (UI - Tom Browkaw)
D-1 (Mich - Lucy Lui)
E-9 (MSU - James Hoffa)
F-5 (MN - Yanni)
G-2 (NW - Charlton Heston)
H-4 (OSU - Dwight Yoalkam)
I-11 (PSU - Toby Flenderson)
J-3 (Pur - Orville Redenbacher)
K-8 (Wis - Dick Cheney)