July 1, 2008

Blake Hoffarber up for his second ESPY

The ESPY Nominations were released today.

Blake Hoffarber's shot to beat Indiana in the Big Ten Tournament has earned a nomination. I don't know the stats or ESPY records but he would have to be one of the few (if not only) amateurs to win more than one ESPY. Really he could become the only person to win multiple ESPY's who's name is NOT Tiger Woods.

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Hoffarber's competition?

#1 - Super Bowl: Eli Manning to David Tyree...

This one is obviously the heavy favorite. It is arguably the best play in Super Bowl history. I'm not sure the legend that is Blake Hoffarber is enough to beat Mr. Manning. (You've all seen the real play a million times and I like Tecmo Bowl so go to YouTube to find the real play if you want to see it.)

#3 - Mississippi Miracle...

This DIII game where Trinity needed 15 laterals to score a TD and win the game. Cool play, but probably #3 in the final standings here.

#4 - Nash Shoots and Scores...

I was expecting a Steve Nash shot, but teah, that was Rick Nash, not Steve (hockey, not basketball). Cool play but this will not win.

The Manning/Tyree catch is clearly the favorite to win this but Hoffarber has a chance to pull off the upset. Let's get Gopher Nation out there and voting to get Blake his second ESPY.

And here is the brilliant highlight of the year for Gopher basketball...


FishingMN said...

I actually think Blake's play is the 4th best of these.

1 - Manning/Tyree
2 - Lateral play - amazing
3 - Nash
4 - Blake

The fact is that I've seen last second shots like Blake's lots of times. The others are unique.

Tom said...

very true, but I think a DIII FB game with grainy video and a hockey goal in January will fall behind a full court pass/buzzer beater in a B10 Tournament game. That was my line of thinking anyway. It won't matter as the SB play will garner 97% of the vote.