July 30, 2008

Time for YOU to get involved

The commenting here at Gopher Nation is pretty light so the following request may fall on deaf ears but I want to know what you want for preseason football info.

As it stands I have no greater access to information than you do, but in all likelihood I spend considerably more time researching and compiling data to form my often brilliant opinions. So what would you like to read here?

Do you want to see another traditional analysis of Offense and Defense (maybe by position), schedule breakdown, opponent previews, depth chart guessing, etc?

Or is there something else, you'd rather see here to get yourself primed for Gopher Football 2008?

If you have an opinion or suggestion, please utilize the comment section or e-mail me your thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Schedule breakdown, historical comparisons, and vitriolic rants about rivals.

Fishing MN said...

All :)

Hey, I enjoy almost all of your content so whatever you decide to write is a good bet to inform and entertain.

That said, if I had to pick something I'd go through the different team areas (D Line, RB, Secondary ...) and compare this year's expected starters vs. last year's and what needs to happen for them to improve over last year's production. Kind of a "what to look for".

John Berg said...

I agree with the other comments. I appreciate your insights on all aspects.

Anonymous said...

dude you have some good and funny articles, I would say do everything, especially game predictions.

GopherNation said...

Keep them coming, based on the first few comments I have some good ideas.

Anonymous said...

definitly angst against rivals - namely wisconsin, iowa and michigan hate. Also depth chart insight - it's tough to find solid info on who's playing where and in what order.

Anonymous said...

I would like opinions on new players,
whether they are redshirts or true