July 11, 2008

Gopher Football Recruiting Wish List - v2

This is nothing official of course other than my 'official' wish list for 2009 recruits. I'll try to make the table actually fit so you can read the full comments.

I have moved a few guys around and added a couple names.

Significant move up - Craig Drummond (4-star DE) has moved up two spots into the #3 hole. The move was made because I feel we have a greater need along the DLine and also I'm not as sold that we have a realistic shot at Wingo or Davenport.

Significant move down - Ronnie Wingo Jr (4-star RB/Ath). Wingo seems to have cooled on Minnesota and RB isn't as much of a concern with the commitment of Lipscomb.

Added - Xavier Su'a Filo (4-star, OL), Nolan Washington (3-star CB), Eric Stephens (4-star RB), Cameron Gordon (4-star, WR) and Taylor Lewan (3-star OL).

Dropped off the List - Dan Orseske (P) - committed to Gophers, Nat Berhe (S) - not as significant of a need and although I'd love to land a good athlete with a 2.9 GPA he just isn't in my top 20 for now.

Gopher Nation Wish List

Pos Size Stars Hometown OFFERS NOTES
1 Michael Carter CB 5-11 154 4 Pompano Beach, FL FL, Clem, Georgia, Miami, Aub and others cousin to Tyrone Carter
2 Ra'Shede Hageman TE 6-6 252 3 Mpls (Washburn) FL, OSU, Neb, Wis, Ill, Iowa, Mich St a must have for Brewster
3 Craig Drummond DE 6-5 260 4 Chicago LSU, FL, OSU, USC, Tenn Top 5 DE - We have our work cut out for us here
4 Chris Davenport DT 6-4 318 5 Mansfield, LA FL, LSU, USC, Tenn, Tex, Mich, Bama, everybody I'm not holding my breath
5 Bryce McNeal WR 6-2 170 4 Mpls (Breck) committed to Michigan We win, Mich loses things might change here
6 Ronnie Wingo Jr Ath 6-3 210 4 St. Louis, MO Bama, Mizz, Tenn, OK, Neb, Kan, Ill, Iowa, Ark planning to visit, would be a great get, maybe RB
7 TyQuan Hammock ILB 6-1 220 3 Fort Wayne, IN L'ville, Mich St., Ind, MAC schools 13 sacks, 164 tackles as JR, brother to ast coach Thomas Hammock
8 David Gilbert DE 6-4 215 4 Oakland Park, FL Wis, L'ville, Pur, Scar, UCF, Mich St, etc. As of 4/30 had 3 offers, now has 12+
9 Chris Williams CB 5-11 185 4 Cincinnati, OH WV, Ind, Cincy (has academic hurdles) "The thing that shocked me was I didn't follow Minnesota football and they told me they went 1-11. I was like 'wow.' I mean if a I believe a school can really turn things around, and they want me to help I, would be interested in that."
10 Cam Gordon WR 6-2 210 4 Inkster, MI MSU, Cincy, BG not ready to make a decision, #30 WR according to Rivals
11 Eric Stephens RB 5-8 175 4 Mansfield, TX Duke, Hou, Vandy, Boise St strong, great attitude, wants to pair with Lipscomb to be the next Barber-Maroney combo
12 Nosa Equae DE 6-4 235 3 Mansfield, TX KU, Col, Iowa, Pur, L'ville Kan and Col are top 2, is planning to visit
13 Xavier Su'a Filo OT 6-4 285 4 Provo, UT USC, Aub, LSU, Mia, ND, BYU, Col, Stan Moses Alipate is trying to convince him MN is the place to be, don't hold your breath
14 Rodney Smith WR 6-6 202 4 Miami, FL Aub, FSU, OleMiss, Mizz, Tenn, many others 3.0 GPA, but kind of a longshot imo
15 Nolan Washington CB 5-11 165 3 Burien, WA Idaho fast with 34" vert. Loves Oregon but they have not yet offered. One I'd particularly like to see end up at MN
16 Dwayne Difton WR 5-11 166 4 Ft. Lauderdale, FL BC, Pur, Sflor, S Miss, Syracuse seems high on Auburn if offered
17 Taylor Lewhan OT 6-6 270 3 Scottsdale, AZ ASU, UT St likes ASU, dad went to Minn
18 Matt Garin DE 6-4 220 3 Apple Valley, MN AZ St, Ore St, Stan, Wash St, AirForce, MACs plenty of Pac 10 schools but no other BCS schools, interesting
19 Anthony Jones OLB 6-2 200 3 Chandler, AZ AZ, ASU, OreSt, Wash St
20 Artice Kellam S 5-11 180 NR Miami, FL OleMiss, SoCar

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