August 29, 2007

Big Ten Blogger Roudtable - Part 2

Well the roundtable is back, hosted this time by Around the Oval. No need for a big introduction here are the questions and my fascinating answers...

1. Which player from your own team are you most looking forward to watching?

I think the player I am most looking forward to watching is WR-Ernie Wheelwright. From day one I have loved his size and speed, the guy just looks like a big time WR who can take over games (especially at this level). Of course he has never consistently lived up to his ability, which has frustrated the previous coaching staff as well as fans in Gopher Nation. As a freshman Wheelwright racked up 654 yards and 7 TDs, things were looking bright, but his yards and TDs have declined since then finishing last seasons with 26 catches, 437 yards and 5 TDs.

Much has been written about Coach Brewster being "in Ernie's pocket" all spring and summer, trying to squeeze some consistency and big time production out of this guy. Coach Dunbar's offense should be the perfect opportunity for Ernie to step up and be the guy that everyone has thought(hoped) he'd become. I expect big things this year.

2. Which player from another Big Ten team are you most looking forward to watching?

Michigan has a handful of players I'm looking forward to watching but I'm going with the Minnesota angle...

James Laurinaitis - possibly the best defensive player in the country (or some I'm told) and surprisingly he got away from Mason. I didn't take the time to analyze and breakdown most of the other Big Ten teams so I didn't really see Laurinaitis last year. I'm anxious to see how good he is. It will serve as a reminder just how important it will be for Brewster to keep the best MN has to offer in state. I understand the theory that if you can go to OSU or Notre Dame, why would you stay at mediocre Minnesota. But that has to change, Brewster has to build this team up and keep players here.

3. If your team was an action movie star, who would it be?

Action movie star? To me the Golden Gophers are most represented by Charlton Heston (Spartacus counts as action right?). We used to be really good, well respected and considered one of the best. Now we are often comical and not taken very seriously. But I do know that after we beat the Badgers this year you will have to pry Paul Bunyan's Ax from our "cold, dead hands!"

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