August 27, 2007

Blog Poll Week 1 Roundtable

As most of you know there are 2 pre-season Blog Polls. This is a great idea so everyone gets to see everyone else's picks, compare them to yours and then re-evaluate. So I am currently working on my week2 poll which may differ from week 1 as I hope to put more research into my picks. But before that I am requires to answer 2 questions...

1. Who is overrated?

I had Arkansas overrated, they will be dropped in my Week 2 poll but not too much. I was trapped by the Heisman hype for McFadden and equated his talent to the overall team's talent. I still anticipate they'll be very good and likely finish 2nd in SEC West, but probably not deserving of a #8 spot on my ballot. I just can't justify it anymore when I see they are returning 10 total starters (only 4 on defense).

Overall I think that South Carolina is overrated on the combined poll. They return 10 on defense but it wasn't a very good defense to begin with. Questions at QB, only 6 returners on Off and the loss of Sydney Rice at WR. I am not on board with this team.

2. Who is underrated?

My poll had Virginia Tech vastly underrated. Upon further review I was wrong, they need to be moved up and should they pull out a W over LSU they very well could be playing for the national title. The Hokies return 16 starters including an experienced QB and All-ACC RB, Brandon Ore. O-line may be a question and an area of needed improvement but it is not an issue so big that I should have them ranked #17 to start the season.

The poll is underrating Louisville. I don't have a lot of respect for the Big East, but I think that Louisville is the team to beat here and only their weak non-conference schedule will keep them out of the BCS Title game. But returning 21 starters is very impressive. More than that though is the return of arguably the best QB in the country, return 2 all-Big East O-linemen and have a very good/reliable kicker which will help in tight games.

I should have my poll done by tomorrow afternoon and up for criticism.

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