August 30, 2007

And you're Golden Gopher QB1 is...

well, you know who it is. I'm not breaking any news that isn't a couple days old, but I'm here to give my 2 cents...

To be honest since Weber signed with the U was never convinced that he would ever play a snap. I have always been impressed with Mortenson and thought Weber was over-hyped. But even though I am often called a great football mind by my friend Eric, I was wrong about Mr. Weber.

So now have a starting QB with 4 full years of eligibility. By my research the last time that we had a freshman QB for most of the season was Ricky Foggie (maybe the only other time). Weber has been redshirted so he isn't completely green, but he is still going to make freshmen mistakes. Bryan Cupito has been on the record saying that Weber will probably break his passing records. If Weber can truly play and is not beat out by a younger, more talented recruit in the next few years he will have the opportunity to put up impressive numbers. He will be directing the "spread-coast" offense which has lead to monster numbers for other QBs under offensive cordinator, Mike Dunbar.

Just for fun lets take a look at some career records that should be put on notice over the next 4 years. Brett Basanez, former Northwestern QB and product of Mike Dunbar started most of his redshirt freshman season and I'll put his numbers up as well. I know that Weber has a LONG way to go to be in Brett's class but even assume 75% production and Adam Weber will finish as the best Golden Gopher to put his hands under the sweaty behind of a 280+ lb man on a regular basis.

  • Career Yardage - Bryan Cupito - 7,446. Weber needs to average 1,862 yards per season. That is 156 yards per game over 4 years. Even as a freshman 200 yards per game isn't out of the question. I don't think we'll see 2,000 this year but he should cut Cupito's record in half in 2 years.
    • Basanez - 10,580 (2,645 per season avg)
  • Passing Attempts - Cory Sauter - 945 - Raise your hand if you fondly remember the Wacker offense. Sauter benefited from this explosive, inept offense and finished with the record for attempts. Under the Spread-Coast Basanez attemted nearly 500 passes in his senior season alone. I don't see 300 attempts for Weber this year but that record will fall before a Big Ten game in his junior season, guaranteed.
    • Basanez - 1,584
  • Touchdown Passes - Asad Abdul-Kaliq / Cupito - 55 - Alex needs 14 per season to hit this one. With Pinnix/Bennett running the ball and our thin group of WRs this may take 3 years to break but it will fall. Ricky Foggie threw 10 TDs as a freshman, but I expect Alex to beat that and have around 42 TDs to go over his final 3 years.
    • Basanez - 44 (really?, I would have expected way more)
  • Completion %, Efficiency Rating and INTs are up to Weber and his decision making skills. Obviously with these there is not an advantage to getting more snaps/games.
That, of course, is a long ways off and a lot has to happen (for instance Weber needs to prove he is starter material and makes it to the Miami(Ohio) game). The season opener should be very interesting to watch if only to see how Weber manages a game, makes decisions and comes back from mistakes (I hope he didn't watch Henig and his 6 INTs for Miss St. Of course Weber is facing the LSU defense but that was ugly). Bowling Green won't be Michigan or Wisconsin but they are a worthy test for a redshirt freshman playing in his first real game at this level.

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