August 23, 2007

What the heck?

So Nate Garth is re-opening his recruitment? This seems odd as he has sounded excited to be a Gopher and play for Tubby. He wanted to coincide his official visit with Sampson and Iverson to help them make a decision for the U. Then he reopens?

He hates Paul Carter? - doubtful
He is intimidated by Kevin Payton and Al Nolen Jr? - that's crazy
Somebody informed him that it is cold in MN in the winter? - duh!
Tubby has another (better) PG that is about to commit? - I hope so

This whole thing seems odd to me, but I have no reason to not trust Tubby and staff. Hopefully they know what they are doing and have a plan.

RECAP of the last week...

LOST - Bryce Webster
GAIN - Paul Carter
LOST - Nate Garth

not sure how that equation ends up but we'll find out.

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Anonymous said...

It wouldn't surprise me to see Paul Carter back out of his "verbal" as well. Tubby even exhausted UK's recruiting credibility while he was there! So who expects him to do better at Minnesota?