August 25, 2007

Switching to DirecTV yet?

It is not looking good for Comcast customers.

So for those of you ready to switch to DirecTV let me tell you that I have had it for years and love it. I have no complaints. It is the BEST for NCAA Tournament, access to all games at once greatly enhances what is already the best weekend of the year!

If you are ready to switch E-MAIL ME, we both get a credit on our bill!

And yes, this is at blatant attempt to save some money on my satellite bill.


Anonymous said...

It wouldn't surprise me to see Paul Carter back out of his "verbal" as well. Tubby even exhausted UK's recruiting credibility while he was there! So who expects him to do better at Minnesota?

Tom said...

not exactly true. He didn't live up to UK standards of recruiting but he had multiple recruiting classes that were top 10 or 15 in the country. Guaranteed that he will bring in better talent than his predecessor.