August 23, 2007


Fox Sports has their Big Ten preview up today (it may have been out for a while but my browser says it was updated 16 min ago, but whatever that's not the point). It predicts Wisconsin to win the Big Ten, Minnesota will make a Bowl, yada, yada, yada. Here is what I'm tired of hearing...

5 Non-Conference Games the Big Ten had better take, very, very seriously

1-4 - blah, blah, blah

5. North Dakota State at Minnesota, Oct. 20 — (You're still laughing ... it took a blocked kick for the Gophers to avoid being upset by the Bison last year.)

I am so tired of hearing about this. Last year result has nothing to do with this year for many reasons. And the Gophers will handily beat the Bison this year.
  1. What happened last season was last season, this is true for every team throughout the country. Here is a quote from Bielema about getting caught up in last year while preparing for this year.
    "Bielema is careful about getting caught up in what happened last year, a reflection of the lessons from his mentors. "One of the first things you learn in the coaching profession is that any wins last year don't carry forward, and neither do any losses," said Bielema."
    I don't care about only winning because of a blocked FG, that has no bearing on winning this year or not. If anything last year's result will only help Minnesota to come to the game ready to play and end this talk.
  2. This is a new team with a new attitude which comes from a new coaching staff. I think the smugness and arrogance of Mason rubbed off on his players and they came to the game prepared to roll over the Bison. The Bison came in juiced and ready to play their best game of the year (which they did).
  3. Almost winning does not equal winning.
  4. The Golden Gophers have to be insulted exponentially more than I am.
BOLD PREDICTION - Minnesota will come prepared and destroy the Bison. This will be a statement game that we are still the big boys around here. Enjoy your near win and rack up your 1AA wins but not this year and not in our house.

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