November 9, 2007

Big Ten Basketball Preview

So, I have all 11 previews out there and here is my official prediction. I know this isn't the exact order I previewed the teams, and this may contradict some of what I wrote. But after examining all teams, this is my final answer.

National consensus is that the Big Ten is down. As far as producing an eventual national champ that may be true. But I think there are 4 teams that will steadily improve and all are likely Sweet 16 teams. So much of tourney success depends on matchups and injuries, but the top 4 teams are very talented and balanced. They will be very good and very hard to knock out in March.

After those 4 teams I see 3 more that will be fighting for a tourney birth. Purdue has some serious upside, Minnesota has experience and Illinois is used to winning.

The bottom 4 are pretty solid in my opinion. Penn State and Michigan have a chance to move up and surprise some teams but next season looks better for them.

  1. Wisconsin (14-4)
  2. Indiana (13-5)
  3. Michigan State (13-5)
  4. Ohio State (13-5)
  5. Purdue (9-9)
  6. Minneota (9-9)
  7. Illinois (8-10)
  8. Michigan (6-12)
  9. Penn State (5-13)
  10. Northwestern (5-13)
  11. Iowa (4-14)
All Big Ten Team

G - Drew Neitzel - MSU
G - Michael Flowers - Wis
F - Geary Claxton - PSU
F - Shaun Pruitt - Ill
C - DJ White - Ind

2nd Team

G - Lawrence McKenzie - Min
G - Jamar Butler - OSU
F - DeShawn Sims - Mich
F - Raymar Morgan - MSU
C - Brian Butch - Wis

All Freshman Team

G - Eric Gordon - Ind
G - E'Twuan Moore - Pur
F - John Diebler - OSU
F - Manny Harris - Mich
C - Koufos - OSU

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