November 9, 2007

Iowa Sucks

PSA: this is my last attempt at getting excited for anything gopher football until 2008.

I've been called out by Black Heart Gold Pants and I just can't take it any more. I was hoping that if I just left it alone, maybe BHGP would give us their 17th installment of a Ron Zook interview, or maybe they'll change their name again!

First of all, Gopher Nation extends far beyond the confines of Minnesota's borders. We are America's team. Want proof?

  • for starters my esteemed blog gets hits from California (that's right, California!)
  • PJS (another fine MN blog is actually based on the East Coast.
  • Here are some newspaper quotes regarding Golden Gopher Football (circa 1934)
"The rising Minnesota football dynasty was national news."
"We hated to play them," says a recent Iowa footballer speaking of his encounters with the golden gophers. "They were the toughest."
Secondly, how does a team that lost to Iowa State have any confidence that beating Minnesota is anything but a tenuous proposition?

And finally, Minnesota has 3 traveling trophies and we are most thankful for Floyd, cause it's the only one that makes his home in Minnesota. I think a 39-31 advantage speaks for itself.

I'll leave you with this little nugget which should give hope to Gopher NATION!

even if things go wrong in Iowa City this Saturday, we'll talk come basketball season!