January 8, 2008

Big Ten Power Poll - Week 1

We have 14 blogs who have committed to participating in the 1st annual Big Ten Bloggers Basketball Power Poll (BTBBBPP, whatever). If you want to read each individual blog's poll you can find their links at the bottom of this post. BTBBBPP post of the week clearly goes to Black Heart Gold Pants with an excellent analysis of the Big Ten teams and their logical corresponding presidential candidate. It was pretty good, even for an Iowa blog written by self professed, "degenerate drunken plagiarizing gambling addicts." I'm sure their spike in traffic from the GN link above should be relatively equivalent to what they saw with the deadspin link.

Speaking of plagerism...

Hooray the BTBBBPP, Hooray!


1. Michigan State (10)
2. Indiana (1)
2. Wisconsin (2)
4. Ohio State 7.69
5. Minnesota 6.38
6. Purdue 6.08
7. Penn State 5.77
8. Illinois 4.00
9. Iowa 2.92
10. Northwestern (-5)
11. Michigan (-8)

Booo to Lake the Posts for not participating in Week 1, here are the participants...

Big Ten Chronicle B10
Hoopraker B10
Hoosier Report Ind
Black Heart Gold Pants Iowa
Maize n Brew Mich
MSU Sparty Mich St
Enlightened Spartan Mich St
Gopher Nation Minn
PJS Minn
Lake the Posts NU
Eleven Warriors Ohio St
Black Shoes Diary Penn St.
Off the Tracks Pur
Hooser Fun Ball Ind


Black Shoe Diaries said...

Nice job. No extra curriculars?

Is Enlightened Spartan part of the group? When did that happen?

SpartyMSU said...

Thanks for puting this together. Sparty On !

Good to see "ES" Part of the Group. You can NEVER have enough Spartans !

MaizenBrew said...

-8 for michigan? Ney. Minus 157!

Tom said...

ES asked to participate. As far as I know he is not in BTB, but I'm not exclusive.