January 7, 2008

GN Big Ten Power Rankings

I have taken up the monumental task of calculating the Big Ten Blogger's Big Ten Power Rankings (BTBBTPR). This should be a fun little BTB group party. The rankings listed below are mine for Week 1, I will post the compiled rankings tomorrow.

Here are the participants (for now, hopefully more will play along)...

Big Ten Chronicle B10
Hoopraker B10
Hoosier Report Ind
Black Heart Gold Pants Iowa
Maize n Brew Mich
MSU Sparty Mich St
Gopher Nation Minn
PJS Minn
Lake the Posts NU
Eleven Warriors Ohio St
Black Shoes Diary Penn St.
Off the Tracks Pur

Schools not represented are Wisconsin and Illinois

Gopher Nation's Power Rankings....

1. Wisconsin (2-0) - road win @Mich and beat Iowa at home. Both were double digit wins over bad teams. Regardless of quality of opponent they took care of business.

2. Michigan State (1-0) - beat Minnesota at home in a game closer than expected. Raymar Morgan was outstanding and Kalin Lucas played great off the bench. Neitzel and the frontcourt struggled but were good enough.

3. Indiana (2-0) - road win @Iowa but it was WAY too close. If Indiana is supposed to be the best in the league I expect more against the league's worst.

4. Penn State (2-0) - starting out 2-0 with both wins on the road is a great start for PSU. For team that didn't win 1 road game a year ago this is an impressive start.

5. Ohio State (2-0) - killed Illinois on the road then struggle (just a little) with Northwestern at home. This team is searching a little, it will be interesting to see what happens when the football team is done and the basketball team receives more scrutiny.

6. Minnesota (0-1) - played very tough on the road and gave Michigan State all they could handle, but a loss is a loss. The early part of their conference schedule is tough so they have to take advantage of Northwestern and Penn State this week.

7. Purdue (1-0) - 7 point home win over Michigan isn't impressive. This team is really talented but I'm not going out on a limb when I say they will be inconsistent. A win is a win, but they are penalized on my list because I'm a homer.

8. Illinois - (0-2) - Starting out 0-2 with both games at home makes things difficult for the Illini. Ohio State and Penn State are OK but those were winable games on their home floor.

9. Iowa (0-2) - played Indiana tough at home in what could have been a 30 point spread. Then was not totally embarrassed by Wisconsin on the road. Teams may want to get a hand in the face of this Johnson kid cause he looks to have a hot hand.

10. Northwestern (0-2) - lacking Big Ten talent

11. Michigan (0-2) - read Northwestern.


Hawkeye State said...

You should make it "Big Ten Bloggers Big Ten Basketball Power Poll of the Big Ten."

Thanks for doing this, by the way. You're a scholar and a gentleman.

Indiana Fan said...

Can anyone join this party?

I've been blogging on Indiana basketball for a couple of years, and my week 1 Big Ten Power poll is here:


Either way, I'm looking forward to seeing the results!