January 22, 2008

GN Power Poll - week 3

I'll make this quick so I can get the official BTBBBPP out.

1. Wisconsin - still haven't played anybody in conference, but they are the team from a Gopher fans perspective that we have the least chance to defeat.

2. Michigan State - IU is undefeated but after seeing them both last week MSU impresses me more. The Iowa loss is unexplainable but it's my poll and I'll do what I want.

3. Indiana - 5-0 shouldn't be #3 (I know) but they don't seem all that powerful to be any higher on the power poll.

4. Purdue - is a lock for 4th place, really hard to put them any higher and even harder to drop them below OSU (who they beat).

5. Ohio State - back to back road losses (then a drubbing by Tennessee) but they crushed Iowa and I can't put MN ahead of them for back to back home losses.

6. Iowa - beating MSU was upset of the year and they are all of a sudden playing everybody tough.

7. Minnesota - back to back home losses, need to right the ship quickly.

8. Illinois - a decent week and they are in the W column

9. Michigan - 1-5 and likely going to get worse this week

10. Penn State - looking forward to Northwestern, they aren't the same without Claxton.

11. Northwestern - no comment necessary.


Anonymous said...

explain to me how a 74-69 loss of ohio state to tennessee is a "drubbing," especially when the buckeyes had a 7-point lead in the second half. perhaps next time you should look at the scores before making your claims.

Anonymous said...

by the way, each of ohio state's last three losses were road losses. the only home loss this season was against unc.