January 14, 2008

GN B10 Power Poll - week 2

So it is beginning to look like the beginning of every week is going to be chalk full of polls. My own B10 Power rankings, the Big Ten compiled power rankings, the GN top 25 and then the College Basketball Blogpoll top 25 compiled by March to Madness.

So I might as well get my B10 power rankings out of the way, many others are having fun with the B10 Power Poll giving it special themes. Too much work for me, maybe another week...

Gopher Nation's Big Ten Power Poll

1. Wisconsin (3-0) - The Badgers have yet to receive the credit they deserve. Everyone loves Michigan State and Indiana but nobody recognizes that the Badgers just might be the most complete team.

2. Indiana (3-0) - You want the hot and sexy pick? Here it is. Indiana is the tall blonde with big...well this is a family friendly blog but you know what I mean. Everybody loves the Eric Gordan show and Indiana basketball is hot. In conference they have two road wins (Iowa and Mich) then struggled to defend their home floor over Illinois. Fortunately for the Hoosiers their schedule remains relatively easy with only a trip to Minneapolis to test them before they head to Madison on Jan. 31st.

3. Purdue (2-1) - I realize that this pick might be a stretch, but I'll go with the Boilermakers for this week. Purdue took on Ohio State on Saturday in a match up of two very good freshman classes. The win over Ohio State was very good for Purdue and I'll give them the high ranking for a week.

4. Michigan State (2-1) - the loss to Iowa was bad. I know that it is tough to win on the road in the B10 and I know Iowa gave Indiana a run too, but if you want to be a Final Four team or even a B10 Conference champ then this loss is inexcusable. I was tempted to drop them lower but I don't have any delusions that Minnesota is better than Michigan State at this point.

5. Minnesota (2-1) - I can't be more pleased with their win at Penn State. Getting the win was one thing but battling back when down 16 with 13:00 to go says a lot about this team. A year ago they won 1 road game all season. Being down 16 to a good team on the road would have ended in a 25 point loss a year ago, but this team has learned some lessons and is applying them. I'm excited but tempered yet.

6. Ohio State (3-1) - Even though their record is better than Minn, MSU and Pur I don't believe in the Buckeye's yet. They are young and will be better by the end of February, but they haven't beat anybody yet. This week they go to Michigan State and then Tennessee, should be a rough week in Columbus.

7. Penn State (2-1) - probably 1 player away from taking a step up in the conference. They don't have time to feel sorry for themselves after they gave away a win to Minnesota. Wisconsin then at Indiana this week should tell us a lot about the Nittany Lions.

8. Iowa (1-3) - a huge win at home for the Hawkeyes. So far everyone who goes to Carver Hawkeye Arena has struggled (except Eastern Illinois and Drake), maybe I should be thankful that Minnesota doesn't have to travel to Iowa City this year. Anyway, a nice win but at best they are the best of the worst.

9. Illinois (0-4) - I don't like to brag, but I originally predicted an 8th place finish for the Illini (7-11 in conference). Things are not looking good for the men in orange. Most of their losses have come to good teams and they have some winable games coming up. They should go 2-2 over their next 4, but that leaves them at 2-6 with 10 games to go. They played Indiana tough, but a loss is a loss and 0-4 is 0-4.

10. Michigan (1-3) - a win, wooo-hooo. It was @Northwestern in a battle for the Big Ten lottery.

11. Northwestern (0-4) - Michigan at home might have been their best shot at a win, could we see an 0-18 season?

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Scott said...

Agreed MSU's loss is inexcusable... but MSU won't score anywhere near as low as 36 for the rest of the year. And, neither Wisky, Indy, or Purdue will go 17-1 this year -- each will have a "bad loss" sometime this year. MSU's just came earlier. So, MSU may be ranked 4th now... but my guess is they will win the battle of attrition.

More importantly, MSU is one of the most successful programs in March - April. Izzo will get them there; history is on our side...