January 17, 2008

Hoops Blog Poll - Week 10

So Gabby at March to Madness has put together a college basketball blog poll. This is very similar to Brian's at MGO, but not as comprehensive. Anyway I was asked begged to be a part of it and I now am. Below is the consensus poll for Week 10.

HERE is the link to see how each individual blog voted.

1) Memphis (8)
2) North Carolina (6)
3) Kansas (2)
5) Tennessee
6) Duke
7) Washington St.
8) Indiana
9) Texas A&M
10) Michigan St.
11) Butler
12) Marquette
13) Georgetown
14) Dayton
15) Ole Miss
16) Wisconsin
17) Pittsburgh
18) Xavier
19) Vanderbilt
20) Texas
21) Rhode Island
22) Arizona State
23) Drake
24) Miami (FL)
25) Clemson

OVERRATED - Miami (FL), obviously they lost to BC last night and I bet they'll lose 2 of their next 3 to fall from the ranks of the ranked.

UNDERRATED - I still am shocked that Wisconsin isn't getting much credit for their fine season. They lost big at Duke and lost a close one to Marquette, but in my humble opinion they are the most complete team in the Big Ten. They lack a superstar, which I think hurts their national reputation, but I still think they'll be Big Ten regular season champs. Personally I hate the Badgers but they aren't getting the love they deserve this season.

A win tonight for the Gophers and I'll be sure they at least get a vote next week :).

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