February 19, 2008

And we have a fronterunner for a new Def Cord...

Chip Scoggins is reporting that Ted Roof is the likely front runner for he gopher defensive coordinator position. Scoggins reports that the former Duke head coach was on campus today and I would assume the smart money is on Roof being introduced within hours as your new DC.

Roof as a head coach doesn't exactly wow you with his 1-23 record in the last two seasons (or even his 6-45 overall record). But he did figure out how to beat Northwestern (take that LTP) so at least we have that going for him (us). As an assistant Roof has had some success, which you can read about in Scoggins' story.

Here is Roof's resume (courtesy of Rivals.com)...

current LB Coach Louisville
2003-2007 Head Coach Duke
2002 Def Coord Duke
1999-2001 Def Coord Georgia Tech
1997-1998 Def Coord Western Carolina
1994-1996 Ast. Coach Massachusetts
1990-1993 OLB Coach Duke
1989 LB Coach West Georgia

This seems like a solid hire. Roof is experienced as a head coach and as a defensive coordinator. I'm sure he will be a great fit. Two questions pop up to me...

1-Is he a recruiter? 5 seasons at Duke and it doesn't appear the talent level improved (or even plateaued).

2-Will he leave for another head job soon? He has the experience so another school will conceivably give him another shot. But his record Duke was so bad that he probably won't get another shot until he really proves himself as a Gopher coordinator and that would be good for us.

Nothing is official and we will all know more tomorrow but Roof is here and my gut tells me that he'll be the guy.


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