February 12, 2008

Super Quick Preview - Illinois @ Minnesota

Actually From the Barn said it best when he thought the Gophers might be the most predictable team in the country.

The Illini are a balanced team with a strong frontcourt.

Key Match Up?

Illini Frontcourt < Gopher Frontcourt

Pts Reb
Pruitt 6'10"
12.7 7.6
Randle 6'8"
10.2 5.8

22.9 13.4

Pts Reb
Tollackson 6'9"
10.9 4.3
Coleman 6'8"
13.5 6.5

24.4 10.8

The backcourt match ups are key as well and should be evenly matched, but the game will be won or lost in the frontcourt.

What we should have going for us...

** Illinois as a team is terrible at the free throw line and Pruitt is worse than even Tollackson so we have that going for us.

** eFG% we shoot a higher percentage, so we have that going for us.

** They are 0-10 against teams with RPI in the top 50 and we are only 0-6 so we have that going for us.

** There is an L in Illinois (two of them in fact), so we have that going for us.


This one makes me nervous but if we control tempo we can win this one. McKenzie has a good game and carries us early which opens up some shots for the Hoff.

Minnesota - 69
Illinois - 62

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