February 18, 2008

Gopher Nation Rankings

I have a couple of personal rankings for my loyal readership. I have been giving you the GN Big Ten Power Poll most weeks, but I have also been participating in a blogger top 25 every week and I have not been very good at showing my rankings. Here are both for this week...

GN Big Ten Power Poll
- for a couple weeks Minnesota has been entrenched at #6, but their grip on the best of the worst is slipping. Losing at home to the Illini hurts but so does Michigan beating Ohio State and Penn State beating Illinois. Those teams come to town this week so we can solidify that coveted 6 seed in the B10 Tourney (#6 gets to play Northwestern in the opening round).

1 Purdue
2 Wisconsin
3 Indiana
4 Michigan State
5 Ohio State
6 Minnesota
7 Michigan
8 Penn State
9 Iowa
10 Illinois
11 Northwestern

GN NCAA Top 25 - I didn't really fault Duke for their loss to Wake Forest as it still only gives them 2 losses on the season. So just because they lost their second game now instead of earlier I don't know that it should really penalize them. Purdue and Connecticut keep moving up with their recent hotness while Michigan State and Texas A&M dropped with their recent week.

1 Memphis
2 Duke
3 Tennessee
4 North Carolina
5 Kansas
6 Texas
8 Xavier
9 Wisconsin
10 Connecticut
11 Purdue
12 Georgetown
13 Stanford
14 Indiana
15 Butler
16 Louisville
17 Michigan St.
18 Drake
19 Kansas St.
20 Brigham Young
21 Washington St.
22 Notre Dame
23 Marquette
24 St. Mary's
25 Texas A&M

I know that commenting is rare here at Gopher Nation, but I would love some feedback particularly on the top 25.


Robert said...

How do you reconcile having Purdue above Wisconsin in one poll, and then reversed in the other?

Tom said...

well the B10 is based on the B10 season.

The top 25 poll has to take into account their full season. Things like winning at Texas holds a little more weight than Purdue's less than impressive non-conference schedule.