February 19, 2008

Big Ten Power Poll - Week 7

Purdue swept the first place votes again, but the big winner this week was Michigan who moved from 10th to 7th in one week after beating Ohio State last week (it must not be football season).

Post of the Week - this prestigious honor is once again bestowed upon Black Heart Gold Pants as they gave us the Big Ten Bill of Rights. Oops Pow Surprise states the obvious that nobody is protecting the Big Ten from Gopher Thievery, unfortunately for Minnesota nobody is protecting us from mounting losses.

Voters Guild Strike Update - Eleven Warriors broke ranks and gave us an Ohio State vote. But I think they have not recruited the rest of the Minnesota bloggers. PJS and From the Barn have abstained while Down With Goldy voted but put the Gophers 10th. I don't think they realize that the only reason I allowed all of these MN bloggers was to boost the gopher vote, but they didn't get that memo.

Enough, here is the poll...

Purdue (12)
11.00 132
Wisconsin 9.67 116
Indiana 9.17 110
Michigan State 8.17 98
Ohio State 6.92 83
Minnesota 5.17 62
Michigan 5.00 60
Iowa 3.67 44
Penn State 3.67 44
Illinois 2.58 31
Northwestern 1.00 12

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