February 5, 2008

Big Ten Power Poll - Week 5

So Purdue garners four, first place votes and is unable to move ahead of Indiana. Very interesting.

  • Penn State moves up after their big Spartan upset.
  • Minnesota drops behind Iowa
  • Wisconsin moves from 3rd to 1st
Blog Post of the Week - Nittany White Out wasn't exactly funny but in case you haven't noticed his Power Poll is very thorough.

And I'm not sure what I did wrong but apparently all of the Ohio State bloggers have collectively decided to not participate in this week's power poll. Sorry guys, I won't make fun of you losing to the SEC all of the time.

Avg Pts Tot Pnts
1. Wisconsin (9)
10.64 149
2. Indiana 9.21 129
3. Purdue (4)
9.07 127
4. Mich State (1)
8.29 116
5. Ohio State 6.57 92
6. Iowa 6.00 84
7. Minnesota 4.64 65
8. Penn State 4.14 58
9'. Illinois 3.21 45
10. Michigan 1.93 27
11. Northwestern 1.07 15

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Brad said...

Apparently that's what a loss to Iowa will do to ya (in response to OSU bloggers not participating this week). Does this mean the end of the BTB Power Poll if Minnesota losses to the Hawks this weekend??

PJS said...

I think I missed the cutoff this week. :-(

Here are my picks anyway: http://pagingjimshikenjanski.blogspot.com/2008/02/btb-power-rankings.html

From The Barn said...

And I did particpate. Oh well.