September 1, 2007

My thoughts prior to Bowling Green

I am going to steal a page from PJS and give you the things that I will be paying attention to...

I don't come into tonights game with expectations of greatness. We aren't Michigan, losing today isn't the end of our season. Playing poorly is nothing except a catalyst to improve. I want us to win, I think we have a team better than predicted and I want us to play great tonight. But this game is just a game and really only the Big Ten season matters. Here is what I'll be watching...

Quarterback - PJS is watching for his demeanor and decision making. I agree, but what I'm most interested in seeing is his game management and most importantly how he responds after mistakes and in any critical moments of the game.

Coaching Staff - Brewster has aroused passion within Gopher Nation, has elevated our recruiting profile and basically has been everything Glen Mason was not. But he has never coached an actual football game. How will his coordinators call the game, how will Brewster manage the game and how ready does he have his players to play?

Ernie Wheelwright - I agree with PJS here, I'm anxious to see him play well. But the pudding for Ernie will be next week and the entire Big Ten season. Can he play at a high level tonight and then back it up with 11 more productive games.

Defense - Can we stop anybody (insert Texas A&M just scored joke here)? Can the front 7 stop the run and can the backfield defend the pass? At least make things difficult for the Falcons.

Freshmen - I'm excited to see Spry, Herndon, Bennett, Thomas and Howell. These guys will be counted on at some point this year so I'm anxious to see what kind of athletes we have here.

Ultimately - we win and we win big. 38-13

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"Ultimately - we win and we win big. 38-13"