September 24, 2007

Get to Know your Gopher Recruit - Michael Floyd

This is the first installment of Get to Know your Gopher Recruit! This is a chance for Gopher Nation to learn a little bit about the guys Tim Brewster and staff are recruiting (either committed or uncommitted). I'll start with an easy one but he is the biggest target for coach Brewster.

Michael Floyd
Pos - WR
Rivals Ranks - 4-Star, 56th overall, 8th among WRs
Home - St. Paul, MN (Cretin-Derham Hall)
Size - 6'3", 210
40 time - 4.55

Status - uncommitted
Top schools - rumored to be Notre Dame, Ohio State, Minnesota, Michigan and others

What you need to know....

Floyd is a BIG TIME recruit. Coach Brewster has stated over and over how important it is to keep the best of Minnesota in Minnesota. Well Floyd is the best in town. He is taking a wait and see approach to coach Brewster and the new Gopher program. Floyd's high school team is 4-0 and he scored 2 TDs last Friday night as the Raiders beat Stillwater 42-14. Floyd also returned punts/kicks and played a few snaps at CB. Floyd is a great athlete and a game changer it would be a great GET for coach Brewster and staff.

"Sometimes you have to remind yourself not to try to be too smart," Raiders coach Mike Scanlan said. "You have to remember we have one of the best players in the country to get the ball to."

Why should he consider...


  • He'd be a hero! Floyd could set a precedent for future high school studs in this state and most importantly he could be a catalyst that would help return the Golden Gophers to competitiveness. If Floyd goes to OSU, ND or Mich he is one of a handful of great players. If he has a dominating career he'll still be one in a long line of great WRs. At Minnesota he will have every opportunity to be one of Gopher all time greats.
  • Spread Coast Offense - Obviously the Gophers are sitting at 1-2 currently and the defense is struggling mightily. But hopefully Floyd can see the fun this offense is having and the opportunity for a talented WR to put up big numbers and contribute right away.
  • Adam Weber - Weber appears to be a very good young QB. He will be a reliable arm who will be able to get the ball to Floyd. I hope he sees the promise as Weber will be Floyd's QB for 3 years and together they will lead a high powered offense.
Other Schools
  • Win Championships - Ohio State will be in the race for the Big Ten every year and likely will be in the BCS race at least 2 of Floyd's years in Columbus. Notre Dame and Michigan could also be in the BCS picture at any point in the near future.
  • National Exposure - multiple games on national TV, big time bowl games and a history of putting multiple players into the NFL. This obviously applies to any of the other schools.
  • Charlie Weis - considered an offensive guru and should be able to put Floyd in position to succeed each and every week.
  • Better Defenses - Floyd has expressed that being able to go up against quality defensive backs every day in practice is important to him. He wants to be pushed every day and go up against the best to that he'll continue to get better and better.

Floyd has to be Brewster's top priority. Not only because Floyd is very talented but because it would set a precedent for future prospects from this state. It would give Brewster a notch in his belt and someone who can help him keep the best home (Lauranaitis, John Carlson, Lyndon Murtha, Matt Carufel, etc). Brewster is setting out to prove he can recruit, close the MN boarders and then win ball games.

Ultimately I am going to be surprised if Floyd comes to Minnesota. Indications are that Ohio State is his leader. Notre Dame seemed to right up there, but hopefully their recent struggles put them on par with Minnesota. I think we are in his top 3 but Brewster has his work cut out for him. I'm just not convinced we'll get a hometown discount here.


Erik said...

On what planet does the phrase "Charlie Weis - Offensive Genius" hold an ounce of sway with a recruit?

Tom said...

fair point and maybe I should have given more to support the statement. But Charlie Weis - off cord of Super Bowl champs with a reputation of getting a lot out of his offensive players has to, at least on the surface, count for something. Compare it to MN, we have a nice spread offense now but prior to this season we were a running offense. On the surface MN is an unknown while ND has a coach who has proven results in the NFL and in college (excluding 2007).