September 10, 2007

My thoughts from Saturday...Week 2

NCAA Thoughts...

  • My list of teams who have not shot at BCS title game grows. I think that Virginia Tech could have still had a shot if they would have played LSU closer than -41 points. But getting blown out, now several teams would have to lose twice and that isn't going to happen.
    1. Virginia Tech (NEW)
    2. Georgia (NEW)
    3. TCU (NEW)
    4. Aurburn (NEW)
    5. Michigan
    6. Notre Dame
    7. Tennessee
    8. Florida State
    9. Hawaii - they don't play anybody and now a W over Boise State won't help
    10. Boise State
    11. anybody not currently ranked
  • Oklahoma - that is a serious whooping they put on the Hurricanes. I didn't see one snap of the game but I always love to see Miami get destroyed.
  • Would the real Pac-10 please stand up - Oregon goes into the Big House and crushes Michigan (regardless of how bad Michigan is that's a big win). Oregon State goes to Cincinnati and gets crushed. Washington beats Boise State, Cal wins but barely over Colorado State. I'm sure Cal will finish #2 but after that it is WIDE open.
  • Louisville is OVERRATE - giving up 42 to Middle Tennessee State (35 in the first half) are you kidding? West Virginia is going to score 100 on the Cards.
  • TCU had High Hopes - 10-nil at half time had the Horned Frogs looking pretty good, but Texas figured out whatever they needed to figure out. 43 yards rushing might have been helped had their stud RB (Aaron Brown) been healthy. But hats off to the Longhorns on a nice win.
Big Ten Thoughts...
  • Ramifications of Michigan's worst defeat since 1968!
    • Lloyd Carr will lose his job. I don't know if it will be sooner rather than later but there is no doubt he will be gone.
    • Will this impact recruiting? - they currently have 11 4-star recruits verbally committed. How many of those verbals will "re-open" their recruitment? With a very disappointing season thus far and likely a new coaching staff, I have to believe that those who are not yet committed will be down on Michigan. Time will tell. Recruits that concern Gopher Nation...
      • LB - Kenny Demens - 4-star, from Michigan
      • WR - Mike Floyd - 4-star, considering Michigan
      • S - Keanon Cooper - 3-star, considering Michigan
    • How bad is Michigan? - Notre Dame has looked bad, are they good enough to beat Michigan? Are the teams not in the top 3 going to have a legit shot at beating the Wolverines? Will they have a losing or .500 B10 record?
  • Wisconsin and Penn State are looking better and better - looks to me like October 13th may be the Big Ten Championship game. I know the badgers struggled @UNLV but they gave up a total of 40 yards rushing and Donovan seems to be answering the questions at QB. Efficient game this week and he lead the team to a road win. Penn State's D was very good against a freshman led offense. But it was still Notre Dame and they haven't allowed an offensive TD yet in 2007.
  • I'm sleeping on Ohio State - their schedule has been weaker than Minnesota's so far. This week @Washington will tell us a lot about the 2007 Buckeyes.

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