September 15, 2007

CALM DOWN and don't give up on Brewster yet...

I wanted to get this out ahead of Reusse's inevitable column that will rip Brewster tomorrow morning. Reusses has taken every opportunity to rip Brewster and everything he has done since he started. Why? I'm not sure.

I guess in Reusse's book living up to the mediocre expectations that Mason worked so hard to lower was what a football coach is supposed to do. So far Reusse has a bug up his butt because Brewster is raising the bar, getting people excited about football and really for doing his job.

I understand that his record is 1-2 and we've lost to 2 teams that we were capable of beating. On the field Brewster's Gophers have not lived up to the hype. But you can't rip him for the hype.

Here is what you CAN rip him for...

  • Spotting inferior teams a 21 point half time lead (twice)
  • Having a defense that seems unprepared to start games
  • Starting the season 1-2
Here is what you CAN'T rip him for...
  • Taking responsibility for his team's performance - today's game was ugly. But post game Brewster took full responsibility saying he and his staff needed to do a better job. When did you ever hear that from Mason?
  • Raising expectations - Mason LOVED to tell us how bad we used to be and how hard it was to win here. Brewster isn't afraid of the challenges he faces and is working hard to overcome them, not submit to them.
  • The talent level on this team - He is starting a handful of players that he recruited in just a few weeks from the time he was hired until Signing Day. What does that say about the talent Mason brought in?
  • Making adjustments at half time - While the 1st halves of Bowling Green and FAU have been unwatchable (literally for Comcast subsribers), it is nice to see a team that makes half time adjustments and has twice reduced a 21 point half time deficit.
  • The offense - as much as the defense has disappointed, the offense has been very encouraging. Redshirt freshman Adam Weber has been very good (sprinkled w/a few freshman mistakes), the WRs have been better than we hoped and the running game appears to be still be very good.
My point is that the book has not been written on Brewster. I know that they need to produce wins or his tenure as a head coach will be short lived and it will be back to TE coach for Mr. Brewster. But it is WAY too early to tell. And more specifically way too early for Mr. Reusse to put forth yet another I told you so piece. Maybe he won't be the guy to get us to he Rose Bowl, but I know for a fact it won't be a guy who tells us how hard it will be to get there so we won't disappointed when we inevitably don't. If anybody is going to get this program into a position to make the Rose Bowl it is going to have to be somebody like Brewster. Let's give him a little time before we write him off. Sometimes it has to get worse before it can get better.


Jason said...

Sorry, but Mason was the best you guys could have got @ the football spot. In hoops, Tubbah will be formidable and he's a great coach, but you guys blew it with Mason.

Erik said...

God it's nice to see that I'm not the only one from this school of thought.

Anonymous said...

There was a reason Mason signed SIX junior college guys last year (only a few stuck with Minnesota)...there is no talent. He probably signed 2-4 his previous nine years.

Tom said...

Jason - you might be right. My point is that you can't accurately determine this through 3 games.

Mason was 2-2 in his non-conference schedule losing to Hawaii and Houston who combined for 6 wins and he beat Iowa State and Memphis who combined for 5 wins. So Mason didn't exactly light the world on fire in his first few games. And did I mention his 1-7 B10 record?

You just can't close the book on Brewster through 3 games. Give it time.

T-Mill said...

Hey, we'll do our best. I was very impressed by the Gopher fans when I came up for hte game two years ago. I can't wait to see the new Stadium.

WWWWWW said...

I'm about as negative as it gets but this is a very good post. There's not point in jumping all over Brewster just yet.

Just be competitive in the Big Ten. I honestly don't expect any wins (yes, zero) but at least make the games interesting.