September 17, 2007

Let's think happy thoughts...

I'm a glass half full kinda guy. So here is some good news...

Minnesota accounted for Big Ten Defensive and Special Teams players of the week! Yup, you read that right. Even after a highly disappointing loss where our defense gave up about a mile of offense somehow a player from Minnesota was B10 Defensive POW! Congratulations James Laurinaitis from Wayzata (playing for Ohio State) and David Gilreath from New Hope (playing for Wisconsin).

Miami Northwestern WR, Tommy Streeter whom the Gophers are strongly pursuing racked up 140 yards receiving and 3 TDs against Southlake Carrol (TX). Getting a playmaker with Streeter's speed would surely help assuage the potential loss of Mike Floyd. Getting both would be awesome but landing 1 would really help this offense out. Think either of them can play defense?

The University of Minnesota is #1 - Trojan condoms ranked the U as #1 for sexual health on campus. It is good to know that we support a sexually healthy campus.

Gopher Volleyball won this weekend. The volleyball team won the Gopher Invitational beating Creighton 3-1 and Wisconsin Green Bay 3-0. I know nothing about the quality of these opponents but as we have learned with football it doesn't matter how good they are supposed to be, you should just beat them.

Oh, and Iowa lost! - if we have to lose at least we can revel in someone else losing as well!

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Buckeye Lane said...

Good work with the condoms

Good stuff - I wish Minn. was better this season- I picked them as my surprise team.

I know we are all surprised on how bad they have played- but they can only get better

A late season upset over Wisconsin would make everything appear in a better light.